Tuesday, July 20, 2010

How to Pass A Drug Test. - 3 Simple Steps

Most of you reading this are interested in learning the best and most reliable methods of passing a drug test. While there are some very good methods out there, there are many myths associated with passing a drug test as well. This article will touch on a few of the myths and give you a heads up on passing your very next drug test with ease and certainty.
There are four common drug tests that the lab technicians give out. They are blood, saliva, hair folicle and the urine test. The more common one out of the three would be the urine test because the results are relatively instant and the costs are cheap, as your employer would prefer. So we'll focus more on that one.
In order to pass a urine test there are some things that you must be aware of before you go in to take it.
The amount of toxins that you have in blood stream will play a major role. When was the last time you where exposed? How much did you take in? Those are just a few of things you NEED to know because if you are going to take some sort of supplement, (add ancor text to supplement to another article) you have to know the effectiveness of it. Your body weight actually plays a major role in how well you pass your drug test, believe it or not. Toxins are typically stored away in the fatty tissues of your body and are released later on down the line. The more fatty tissue your body contains, the longer your body retains them and you are less likely to pass as easily as a person with less body weight. So proper diet and plenty of water go a long way when trying to pass a drug test.
You can try different detox drinks and supplements to help aid you in your drug test. They have so many out there right now its hard to tell whats ones actually work. Do you want to experiment and see for yourself. I wouldn't want to. There are many house hold ingredients that you may have heard work as well. Some of them include drinking vinegar, cranberry/orange juice, niacin, and even dropping a few splashes of bleach in your urine sample before turning it into the lab technician. Not a good idea. I wouldn't try it and neither should you.
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